What‘s next?

A look at what is coming and what is.

Join us on our mission for more and more healthy and happy dogs. We are just at the beginning in the realization of all our ideas. Look forward to more and more features that will make your dog‘s everyday life easier and easier and we are happy to have you join us. Stay tuned! It gets better and better and there is so much more to come ...

Another "major update". With the choice of appointment types in the calendar of the Doganizer! App you (finally) get the possibility to enter several types of appointments. Besides your regular walks with your dog, you can enter a visit to the vet or the groomer but also record and schedule your appointments for dog school and sports activities like agility. Even the date for feeding your dog can now be entered in the calendar. Enter the type and amount of food, possible medication and treats and all buddies know about it and can feed the dog if you are not at home. You manage all this in a single calendar in your favorite dog app. This will be a real leap of comfort for all users. We're excited to implement this for you and can't wait to see how it goes over with you.

We have rarely received so many submissions under „feedback@doganizer.app“ on one topic: Our users want to manage more than just one dog in the app. At least there should be two dogs. However, we decided to go for an „if-only“ solution. The user should be able to manage as many dogs as he wants. We are looking forward to fulfill this wish until the end of the year. In this sense: Already now, a merry christmas time to all of us and of course also to our dogs.

Due to the great popularity in France, we are giving our neighbouring country its own language version. Merci la France. Merci d'utiliser notre application.

Finally! Interesting and revealing evaluations of your dog walks are introduced in the Doganizer! App. You can see how long who walked with the dog. You can easily check if the recommended optimal walking times were kept. With the "Buddy of the week" will give a little motivation help especially for our younger users (children). After all, many dogs actually "belong" to the children. "I will also always walk with Jack", were also my words back then as a child. How that turned out I don't really know anymore ;-) We try here a little bit to motivate the own "commitments and goals" to support. Look forward to statistics and analysis in the Doganizer! App.

Actually, the jump to a version 1.1 was long overdue. Already with version 1.0.7. Now we catch up. With this version the user gets an overview of the Guard settings (warnings) exactly to his dog. To find under: Dog profile/settings/guard. The system shows you which special criteria you should pay attention to with your dog. Not all of us are experienced dog owners for many years and we hope to provide better protection for all dogs. It is only advice and it would be nice if you take it into account. But remember, if you are unsure, ask your breeder and/or vet for advice. We all want your dogs to stay healthy and fit for a long time.

Actually, we are pretty sure to represent all known and accepted dog breeds in our Doganizer! App. Nevertheless we ask the community of our users for support. Everyone who reports a missing breed will get a voucher for Doganizer! "Unlimited" for a whole year! A nice incentive for everyone to participate and help us to make our unique database even better. You can find the form in your Doganizer! App and on our website.

A "major update". The app now also appears in English! A first important step into the world. We have developed a "fun tool", the lucky wheel, for our younger users and all the young at heart. From now on, chance can decide who must or may go with the dog, depending on your point of view. The subscription system was completely rebuilt by us. We were not happy with the too many choices in the Apple Store and decided for two versions: A free version for one user and an "Unlimited" version to invite buddies. With "Unlimited" you can invite as many friends, family members, colleagues etc. as you want. Currently we already have 1,650 users following us. That makes us a little bit proud just one year after the release!

Also in this case it was a bad recession which caused us to massively update our database. Approximately 250 additional, new dog breeds with their countless breed-specific characteristics were integrated. A real tour de force. But from now on, no one can say: "The app is of no use at all if not every breed is represented". Again, we've gotten a little better.

We are responding to the bad reviews in the Apple Store. It was only through this that we were made aware that our app was crashing at a certain point. Unfortunately, our "crash monitoring" had a total failure here. We didn't get any feedback at all. Through the negative reviews we were finally able to react (unfortunately much too late). You can see the "system" works and we have to live with a handful of 1-star reviews. But, that only spurs us on to make the app better.

Routine work on the code and our database to make the app more stable and efficient.

Routine work on the code and our database to make the app more stable and efficient.

We implement the possibility to generate vouchers from the Apple Store. And of course we are fixing minor bugs again.

Of course, bugs have crept in again and we will fix them immediately. However, this will probably not bother anyone at this point, because right now the app is only used by good friends. On this occasion, the program code will also be optimized once again.

It took 14 months from the first idea to the appearance of the Doganizer! App in the Apple Store. We decided to go out with a "basic version". This first version should also be a "proof of concept" for us. Will the idea be accepted on the market at all? Can the app convince? We know, only the tip of the iceberg of our ideas has been implemented ... let's see.