More protection for your dog.

More protection
... for your dog!

Our Doganizer! app is the quintessence of many hours of intensive discussions with experienced dog owners, affectionate breeders, and responsible veterinarians. We have already implemented many features for better protection of dogs, and we still have a few things in the pipeline.

We analyze and evaluate breed- and age-specific characteristics of your dog to determine the perfect walk duration. In the calendar, our “suggestions” and the “traffic light” system always help you choose the right walk duration. This way, the walk is just right – not too short, but also not too long – and your little sweetie stays fit and healthy for a long time!

Every dog is unique and can deviate from the breed standard. Therefore, we take the unique character of your sweet pet into account.

In our app you always create a “stand-in” for every walk. A substitute who can stand by and jump in immediately if you can’t make it in time. Everyone has experienced a situation like that! This way we make sure that the dog does not have to suffer and wait unnecessarily while he has to get out urgently. Less suffering for the whole team.

Our automatic notification system sends reminders and organizes every walk. Once set up, everyone involved is notified in a timely manner about who is walking the dog and when. It’s a whole new way to walk your dog ... simple, smart, walk the dog!

React quickly and effectively when your dog has run away and is missing. With one click you can issue a missing dog report or poster. Go ahead and try it out right away under: Settings/Dog Profile/Safety Profile

The app protects your little puppy from overexertion. Breed-specific development times are taken into account to protect the puppy. For example, large and very large dog breeds take longer to be considered fully grown and therefore require more time to reach full physical maturity. Health problems related to the musculoskeletal system later on in life sometimes originate here.

Unfortunately, the impact on the dog is not always immediately noticed. Faithful and well-behaved as always, he follows you, his pack, wherever you go. But certain breeds do not cope with cold and/or heat as well as other breeds. Our system notifications make you aware of this.

Not every dog is capable of keeping up with a bike. Also, you do not always notice the strain on the dog immediately, because your sweet dog naturally follows you at any pace. After all, you are his pack leader. The app records the duration and speed and issues a warning.

The app automatically warns you when you walk with your dog in a TBE risk area in Germany (areas where ticks are prevalent). More protection for you and your pet!

* These functions are in the works.