Taking care
... of your dog together can be so easy.

We make it easy for you to take care of your dog together with other people (we call them “Buddies”). Buddies can be family members, friends, co-workers, or the dog sitter. Doganizer! organizes the schedule within the group. Reminds of appointments. Provides all important info to everyone. That way, all buddies are always in the loop at all times.
So simple ... everything is easier when you work as a team.

But we would rather call it: "DOGCARING"! It was our original idea that it can often be better if several take care of one dog. Modern times take their toll on all of us. Professional and private appointments can not always be planned to the last and if so, then it still comes differently. Everything was better in the past? Certainly not, but the extended family, as I still knew it as a child, could simply cushion many "imponderables". There were always enough family members at home who could spontaneously step in to baby-sit and/or dog-sit. Who could take care. We wanted to "bring that back".

With an app that organizes all appointments around a dog within a group (family, friends, colleagues, etc.). With the advantage that all participants know what they are getting into here. It should be simple arrangements like,

  • when does the dog have to go out, for how long (?),
  • what does the dog get to eat and when (?),
  • has he got all medicines (?),
  • what are the commands that everyone should use and that the dog understands (?),
  • which treats he gets when and how much (?)
  • and much more (?).
These are all things to organize. Again, very good apps already help us in other areas of our lives. So why not build an app that helps to organize all these things around the dog easier. No sooner said than done ... we are well on the way with our Doganizer! app.

Taking care of a dog together requires good arrangements, thorough planning, permanent exchange of information and its provision. But, actually, we all do not always have the time to request or provide this information. This is also understandable. Our Doganizer! app can offer a real benefit here.

Currently, it organizes healthy dog walks (breed-specific, not too long and not too short - always optimal) between members of a group who want to take care of a dog. If someone can't keep a scheduled dog walk, the app organizes someone to step in. Quick and easy - simply automatic. No long coordination processes are necessary. Most of the time we have little time in such a situation anyway. In the settings around the dog, additional important information can currently be stored, such as the responsible veterinarian in an emergency. But also free information such as type and amount of food, certain rules and commands and other important information for all those who regularly or irregularly take care of the dog can be stored here and are thus available to all at any time.

In the future, this information will be even easier to design and plan in our app. We are working every day to make our app better and better. If you are missing something or have an idea, you can always contact us at "". We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Actually, the dog is a pack animal. He is used to living in a community. A dog does not like to be alone. But this does not mean that a dog must be constantly "pampered". Constantly wants to be addressed. Besides extended and species-appropriate walks, the next big passion of our dogs is "sleeping". I personally can observe that many, especially new, "dog owners" "take care" of their dogs way too much: look here, come there! This "over-caring" seems to be a real trend ... but actually not the topic here.

Back to the topic: When does it just not fit when many take care of one dog? Well, there are always dogs with a pronounced, strong relationship to "one" person. Here it can come to separation fears with the dog. The dog has stress. Actually everyone should notice this: The dog is nervous, hears less well than usual, is shy and usually has a wet nose. Here you should accustom the dog to the other person with a lot of love and patience. Just do a lot together in the beginning. So it can come to a "running" transition. If this does not work out, it is better to leave dogsharing for the sake of the dog.

We completely reject professional and commercial dogsharing. A dog is for us a family member and not a thing that you can simply "lease". Is it still!! If you would like to occasionally take a dog out for a walk or just spend some time with it, please contact your local animal shelter. They are happy about occasional, committed dog lovers who want to take care of their dogs every now and then. And maybe this will turn into a real friendship and the dog will find a new home.